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Strategis Insurance Tanzania Limited

Strategis Insurance Tanzania Limited
Strategies Insurance Tanzania Limited is one of the first private insurance companies to be registered in Tanzania and licensed by the Tanzania Insurance Regulatory Authority in 2002. Strategies aims to provide adequate and affordable insurance plans to its clients.
We distinguish ourselves as a leader in ensuring access to insurance services for our clients and are committed to providing comprehensive, high-quality coverage backed by excellent service.
A highly competent human capital base is our focus, and to this end we have assembled a team of professionals from a wide range of disciplines including insurance practitioners, medical practitioners and healthcare professionals, who are keen to learn about the cultural, political and economic climate of the markets in which we do business To ensure the effective provision of our services.
We specialize in providing affordable and suitable public and health insurance plans to the Tanzanian industry. We offer medical insurance plans ranging from very basic international covers to cutting edge international executive covers. We have a wide range of general insurance products catering to the needs of individuals and the corporate sector across the country’s demographics.
The claims repayment cycle is very short and is among the best in the industry. We are backed by highly rated reinsurers and international partners.
We distinguish ourselves as the leader in ensuring access to superior insurance services for our clients.
To ensure innovative affordable access to insurance services, delivered by an extensive network of various insurance service providers, by harnessing advanced technology.
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CONTACT INFO:Strategis Insurance Tanzania Limited
City Center Office
Strategis Insurance Tanzania Ltd.
Kisutu Street, City Center.
Dar es salaam, Tanzania
Mobile no: +255 714 896 101
Head Office
Strategis Insurance Tanzania Ltd.
Plot 1520, 1st Floor, Masaki Icon Building
Bains Avenue, P.O. Box 7893, Dar es Salaam
P: 255 22 2602570 / +255 22 2602574
Zanzibar Office
Strategis Insurance Tanzania Ltd.
1st Floor – Office no.14 Muzammil Center
Mlandege Street, Zanzibar
Mobile: +255 779 700802, 772 446644
Arusha Office
Strategis Insurance Tanzania Ltd.
Ground Floor, Summit Center.
Arusha, Tanzania
Mobile no: +255 712 093 183, +255 764 742 324

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