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Stone Town: Opportunities in Tanzania

Stone Town is the cultural heart of Zanzibar and not much has changed in the past 200 years. The large old Arab houses that line the narrow streets and winding alleys give the city its unique charm. The majority of homes in Stone Town were built in the 1800’s when Zanzibar was one of the most important Swahili trading towns in the Indian Ocean. Visitors will notice the intricately carved, bra-studded wooden doors of many homes.
As the oldest working Swahili town in the world, many landmarks in Stone Town have been restored to their original glory. Some of the historic buildings are now museums and tourist attractions. The city also contains interesting old churches of historical interest.
A walk along the Creek Road takes visitors to the original Stone Town, the site of the Darajani Market, the House of Wishes, City Hall and the Anglican cathedral. Some of the other highlights include the Forodhani Gardens, the old infirmary with its carved wooden balconies, the former home of the sultans known as Beit al-Sahel or the People’s Palace, the Persian Baths built in 1888, and the oldest building in Stone Town, the Old Citadel.

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