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Siha District Council-Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Siha District Council was formally established on 01.07.2007 by Act No. 7 of 1982 .and being among the Six Districts of Kilimanjar Region, the other districts are Rombo, Same, Mwanga, Hai and Moshi. Siha District has one constituency, 5 divisions are West Siha, Central Siha, East Siha, South Siha and North Siha. The district also has 17 Wards, 60 Villages and 169 Suburbs.
According to the 2012 population and housing census, Siha District has a total population of 116,313, 56,500 men and 59,813 women.
Siha District is estimated to be between 37.3 ”-37.17 ′ ′ east east and 2.5 ′ ′ to 3.00’ ’south. Siha District has a total area of ​​1158 square meters and the District is bordered by Hai District on the South, Longido and Rombo Districts on the North West, Meru and Hai Districts on the South East. .
Siha District is home to more than 125 ethnic groups, mostly Chagga, Maasai and other ethnic groups. The main economic activities for the people and residents of Siha District are agriculture and pastoralism where a few people are engaged in small and medium enterprises.
Siha District is made up of Administration from the Central Government Office to the District Commissioner’s Office and the District Council. In the case of the Council, administration is planned from the Council of Councilors, the Executive Director, Heads of Departments and Units, Officers and other civil servants from the level of Headquarters to staff at the Village and Ward level. Siha District Council has a total of 1269 Public Servants, most of whom are in the Education and Health sector
Many citizens and residents living in Siha District are engaged in Agriculture and Livestock activities in raising the level of the economy from the level of Household, Village, Ward, to District. Major food crops grown in Siha District include beans, maize, potatoes, peas, bananas and vegetable crops. In addition to commercial crops grown in Siha District include Coffee, Poetry, Wheat, Avocado and Timber Trees in the West Kilimanjaro tree farm.
Siha District is one of the few districts in the Kilimanjaro region with large and fertile fields located in beautiful areas that receive enough rain twice a year from the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro. These farms have been a major source of development for commercial and food crops exported from the District of Health and help increase revenue within the Council through the levying of excise duties on these crops.
In addition, many tourists who climb Mount Kilimanjaro through Londorosi gate to shira platu pass through various villages and suburbs of Siha district and see the different cultures of the people and residents of Siha. Siha District also has small game wildlife (Ndarakwai) along the road that climbs Mount Kilimanjaro. This small zoo has become a major attraction for tourists through Siha District as they climb Mount Kilimanjaro.
Siha District is comprised of 2 Hospitals, one National TB Hospital and Siha District Hospital, 5 Health Centers, One Government and 4 Religious Institutions, 14, 9 Government Dispensaries and 6 Religious Organizations and individuals. The availability of health services is satisfactory and many citizens have access to health care on time and in the areas where they live.
b) b) WATER
Access to clean and safe water supply in Siha District by the end of 2017 is 86 percent, with most citizens and residents of Siha district having access to tap water at a distance of less than 400 meters. In general, Siha District is among of the few districts in the country that provide its citizens with reliable water supply in 7 days a week 24 hours within 365 days a year.
Siha District has a total of 19 Secondary Schools, 13 Government and 5 Religious Organizations. Almost all wards of Siha District have Parents’ Secondary schools where students walk less than 4 km to reach the school. The state of school infrastructure secondary schools are satisfactory.
In terms of primary education, Siha District has a total of 59,53 Government schools and 6 of religious and private organizations. Every primary and secondary school student has been given a desk to sit in the classroom. The provision of education in Siha District is satisfactory as all primary and secondary school children have lunch at school.
Siha District is one of the seven administrative districts of Kilimanjaro Region in Tanzania. It covers approximately 1,158 square kilometres (447 sq mi). It is bordered to the west by the Arusha Region and to the east by Rombo District and Hai District. The western part of Mount Kilimanjaro is located within the district’s boundaries.
According to the 2012 Tanzania National Census, the population of Siha District was 116,313

In 2012, Siha District was administratively divided into 12 wards.
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