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Selous Game Reserve: Opportunities in Tanzania

Selous Game Reserve is the largest game reserve in Africa. Founded in 1922, it covers 5% of the total area of ​​Tanzania. The southern region is a undeveloped exclusion zone, densely forested, and contains a series of steep slopes. Travelers are restricted to the area north of the Rufiji River. This area of ​​the Selous contains large open grasslands, forests, rivers, hills, and plains. The best time to visit is July through October.
The Rufiji River divides the Selous Game Reserve and has the largest pool area of ​​any river in East Africa. The river is an important feature of the reserve providing the opportunity to view the diverse water-based wildlife. A wide variety of wildlife can be found including elephants, hippos, and rhinos as well as buffalo, antelope, giraffe, boar, wildebeest, lion, leopard and leopard. The diversity of bird life in Selous includes more than 350 recorded species.

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