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Rombo District Council-Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Location and Boundaries
Rombo District Council is one of the six (6) and one (1) Municipal Councils that make up the Kilimanjaro Region which are; Hai, Same, Mwanga, Moshi, Siha and Moshi Municipality. This district was established in 1972.
The area of ​​the District is 1,442 square kilometers equivalent to 144,000 Hectares. The district borders Kenya to the North and East. South and South-West borders Moshi District, North-West borders Siha and Longido Districts in Arusha Region.
Land Use
44,114 hectares are suitable for agriculture, 57 hectares are suitable for pastoralism, 38,194 hectares are natural and planted forests and 16,492 hectares are suitable for grazing, 45,143 hectares are for water, mountains and rocks.
Administratively the District is divided into 5 Divisions, 27 Wards, 68 Villages and 296 Suburbs. In addition, one Ward of Kelamfua Mokala has become a Capital City Authority with a total of 15 Districts. The District has one Electoral Constituency.
The district has the autumn rains starting in October and ending in December and the monsoon rains from March to May and the dry season starting in June and ending in October. The average annual rainfall is 1000 mm and the average temperature is 220C.
The district is divided into 3 zones which are: –
Upper Volcanic Soil
Central Clay with a mixture of slightly clayey and loamy
The Lower Belt is a mixture of clay and sand as well as a small amount of clay.
Population according to the 2012 National Population and Housing Census The District has 260,963 people, 124,528 Men and 136,435 Women and an average of 4 people per House. In addition the analysis of various Census reports including population growth per year is carried out by the National Bureau of Statistics.
Economic Activities
90% of the population of Rombo District is engaged in agriculture and livestock, 7% are traders / entrepreneurs and 3 percent are employees in various public and private sectors. Citizens’ income for Rombo District is Tshs 850,000 / = per year according to the 2012 population and housing census.
Rombo District is one of the seven districts of the Kilimanjaro Region of Tanzania. It is bordered to the north and east by Kenya, to the west by the Siha District and Hai District, and to the south by the Moshi Rural District.
The Rombo District contains a large portion of Kilimanjaro National Park.

Rombo District Council is divided administratively into 24 wards:
Katangara Mrere
Kelamfua Mokala
Keni Mengeni
Kirongo Samanga
Kirwa Keni
Kisale Msaranga
Kitirima Kingachi
Marangu Kitowo
Motamburu Kitendeni
Mrao Keryo
Nanjara Reha
Tarakea Motamburu
Ubetu Kahe
Ushiri Ikuini

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