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Mtwara Region: Opportunities in Tanzania

Mtwara Region is one of the 31 administrative Region in Tanzania. The capital of the region is the municipality of Mtwara. According to the 2012 national census, the area had a population of 1,270,854, which is lower than the pre-census forecast of 1,374,767. highest in the country. It was also the 14th most densely populated region with a population of 76 people per square kilometer.
The border with Mozambique to the south is formed by the Rovuma River. To the west, Mtwara is bounded by the Rovuma region, to the north by the Lindi region, and to the east by the Indian Ocean.
The development of Mtwara has been restricted by the lack of highways and energy infrastructure. The Dar es Salaam-Kibiti-Lindi-Mtwara road has been improved by completing the Mkapa Bridge over the Rufiji River. Mnazi Bay Gas promises to provide reliable and sufficient electricity to run industrial and commercial activities in the region.
The regional commissioner for the Mtwara region is Gelasius Byakanwa.

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