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Ministry of Minerals(Tanzania)

Ministry of Minerals
About the Ministry
The President of the United Republic of Tanzania on October 7, 2017 amended the Ministerial Post Appointment Notice (Instrument) No. 144 dated April 22, 2016. In this amendment, the President created the Ministry of Minerals which is mandated to formulate and monitor the implementation of mining policies; mines, geophysical and geological surveys; Mining Committee affairs; Adding value in the mining industries. Local content in the mining industries. small-scale mining development; improving performance and developing human resources; Non-ministerial departments, quasi-governmental organizations, agencies, programs and projects of this ministry.
The proposed functions and organizational structure of the Ministry of Minerals took into account recent changes in the regulatory framework for managing the mineral sector in the country through the Written Laws (Miscellaneous Amendments) Act, 2017 as published by GN 27 on July 7. , 2017. Among other things, the law introduced the following changes:-
Creation of the Mining Committee as a corporate body known as the quasi-governmental public service;
Abolition of the Tanzania Mineral Audit Agency (TMAA) and mine offices in the region; And
Transfer of operational tasks that were performed under the supervision of the Minerals Division of the former Ministry of Energy and Minerals to the Tanzania Mining and Geological Survey Commission.
To be a reputable Ministry in Africa that develops mineral resources sustainably for optimal contribution to the National Economy and the well-being of Tanzanians.
To have a conducive policy framework for sustainable utilisation and management of mineral resources for social economic growth and development.
Permanent Secretary,
Ministry of Minerals,
Kikuyu Avenue,
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40474 Dodoma,
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