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Ministry of Lands, Housing, and Human Settlements Development(Tanzania)

Historically, the Ministry of Lands was established as a Department of Lands and later transformed into a full Ministry which changed its name according to the functions during that specific period. The current name is the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Human Settlements Development, which includes the departments of the basic sectors: land administration, surveying and mapping, urban planning and housing. The primary sector units are Title Deed Registration, Property Valuation, and District Court for Land and Housing.
Apart from that, the Ministry has many supporting departments and units that increase the work efficiency in the Ministry such as Administration and Human Resources Management, Finance and Accounts, Internal Audit, Legal Services, Policy and Planning, Communications and Information Technology (ICT), Information – Education, Communication and Procurement Management . The ministry has an agency for housing and building materials research, a land-use planning agency as well as the National Housing Authority.
The Ministry’s mission is to facilitate the effective management of land and human settlement development services in order to improve the social and economic well-being of the Tanzanian community.
Be sure of land tenure, decent housing and sustainable housing for economic and social development.
Creating a conducive environment for effective delivery of land, housing and housing services
The Ministry of Lands, Housing and Housing Development has the following responsibilities
Prepare land use plans;
Managing town and village planning;
Land surveying and mapping;
Issuance of land titles and customary titles;
Registration of land titles and legal documents;
Valuation of property;
Encouraging and enabling citizens to have better housing;
Resolve land and housing disputes;
Supervise the acquisition and maintenance of land records;
To oversee the collection of Government revenue from land sector services;
Managing the National Housing Corporation, the National Land Use Planning Commission, the National Housing and Building Research Agency and the Kigamboni New Town Development Agency;
Supervise the operation of Tabora and Morogoro Land Colleges; and,
Supervise the interests and performance of land sector employees.

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