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Ministry of Defence and National Service: Tanzania

The Department of Defense and National Service (MoDNS) is a full-fledged department created since 1995. Prior to that the function of this department was performed by the Department of State under the auspices of the Office of the Second Vice President and the Office of the President from 1972 to 1989 and from 1989 to November 1995 respectively. Before the union of Tanganyika and Zanzibar, the ministry was known as the Ministry of Defense and Foreign Affairs.
The ministry is responsible for national defense; To defend state sovereignty and protect the interests of the United Republic of Tanzania.
The main implementing agencies for this responsibility are:
I. Tanzania People’s Defense Forces (TPDF);
Secondly. national services;
Third. Military research and development institutions.
Apart from these executing agencies, the Ministry is the facilitator, the general responsible and policy override for all responsibilities.
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The mandates of the Department of Defense and National Service include:
I. implementation of the national defense policy;
Secondly. overseeing national service training;
Third. Overseeing performance improvement in human resource development within the framework of this ministry;
Fourthly. Supervising the implementation of the administration, foreign institutions and projects affiliated with the Ministry.
In proportion to this mandate, the roles of the Ministry of Planning and Administrative Development are:
a. Building the capabilities of the defense forces in order to achieve Tanzania’s defense objectives including:
I. protect the sovereignty of Tanzania;
Secondly. Contribute to conflict prevention, management and resolution mechanisms.
Third. Provide military support to civilian authorities in responding to civil emergencies.
Fourthly. Maintain adequate and credible backup capacity.
NS. Building the national service to become a center of excellence by: –
I. Promoting national social cohesion, integration and solidarity among Tanzanian youth.
Secondly. Recruit youth for defense and security.
Third. Providing Tanzanian youth with basic craft skills.
NS. Strengthening the defense industrial base and technological efficiency.
Dr.. Provide support to the overall foreign and security policy of Tanzania.

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