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Ministry of Information, Culture, Artists, and Sports(Tanzania)

Ministry of Culture, Artists, and Sports-Tanzania
The Ministry of Information, Culture, Arts and Sports is a government ministry of Tanzania. The ministry was founded in 2006 by presidential notice, merging extant sections of sports, information, and culture into one functional ministry.
Organization and operations
Departments of the Ministry include the following
Information Development
Department is responsible to collect, write and disseminate government statements; to collect and disseminate news and news material; to organize government news conferences and news briefings; to monitor and coordinate news bureaus, radio news and television news, and other information-related duties.
Culture Development
Traditions and culture; arts, music, cinema; languages
Bagamoyo College of Art
Sports Development
Registration of leagues and associations; planning and construction of stadiums and sports facilities; stadium management; sports infrastructure development.

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