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Ministry for Finance and Planning(Tanzania)

Ministry for Finance and Planning
Achieving high and equitable economic growth, macroeconomic stability, sound financial management, accountability and sustainability.
To promote sustainable and shared economic growth, and macroeconomic stability by developing strong social and economic policies, prudent financial management, and promoting professionalization and optimal use of ICTs.
1. Introductory statement by the Minister of Finance
Customer service pacts are actually a “social pact” between service providers and recipients. It sets standards for service delivery, which we believe our stakeholders have a right to expect, and puts in place mechanisms for handling complaints and feedback if things go wrong. Developed through consultation with customers and employees. We are proud that the Ministry of Finance (MoF) is one of the first institutions in Tanzania to set up customer service charters and commit to submit annual reports, to both stakeholders and Parliament, on our performance in accordance with this charter. The monitoring and evaluation system developed for the Public Service Reform Program (PSRP) will be the supporting tool for this process. The concept and implementation of service charter initiatives has a strong impetus in improving the quality of public service. Regular monitoring, evaluation and dissemination of results can have a significant impact in helping to raise service standards and stakeholder expectations, and may raise awareness of the need for accountability. Therefore, the Ministry of Finance recognized the potential benefits of using service charters as a tool to drive cultural change towards a more customer-centric approach across the organization (MoF). In October 2000, we conducted a review of the Public Financial Management Reform Program (PFMRP) which aims to improve forecasting of the government’s macroeconomic performance, planning, budgeting, and accounting in line with the government’s agenda to enhance transparency, responsiveness, and equity in the public service. We will soon publish and launch the Public Financial Management Reform Program (PFMRP). To be effective and successful, this charter must be a living document, which is a product and embodiment of the good governance we seek to maintain with our clients, stakeholders and employees. We therefore invite our stakeholders to use the proposed mechanism to engage in a constructive dialogue with the Ministry of Finance in order to improve and review the quality of our service.
Minister of Finance
November 9, 2002
2. Organization Profile
The Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs is a central ministry responsible for mobilizing and allocating financial resources, formulating fiscal and monetary policies, and monitoring and accounting for public finances. In addition, it is a custodian of government assets, and finally is responsible for servicing the public debt. In short, our core functions include:-
physical address
Our offices are located at the corner of Madaraka, Lutuli and Shaban Robert Streets in Dar es Salaam and we are open from 7:30 to 15:30 on weekdays and to the public from 09.00. Our postal address is:
permanent secretary,
Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs,
P.O. Box 9111
Dar AISalaam.
Tel: (+255) 022 2111174-6
Fax: (+255) 022 2110326
3. Purpose of this Charter
The main purpose of the service charter for this client is to raise awareness of the availability and quality of services provided by the Ministry of Finance. This charter will provide an opportunity for our stakeholders to understand what we are committed to, how to contact us, what to expect through service standards, and how to seek compensation if something goes wrong. The charter will enhance the participation of civil society and interest groups in public financial management. We also believe that the charter will provide guidance for our stakeholders to claim their existing rights and will also provide transparent mechanisms for communication, complaints and accessibility.
Feature guides
To achieve this purpose, this charter includes the following main features:-
Brief information on how to contact us for more information
Statement of service standards that users expect to receive in the context of the key result areas
Details about the main stakeholders and the main services we expect to provide.
Redress arrangements.

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