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Masasi Town Council-Mtwara, Tanzania

Masasi Town Council is a district of the Mtwara Region of Tanzania.
Masasi Town is one of nine (9) Councils in the Mtwara region. Masasi Town is the Headquarters of Masasi District, a District which has two Councils which are the City Council and the Masasi District Council. The City Council was established in July 2012 after splitting it from Masasi District Council. It has a total of 14 wards which are Mkuti, Jida, Mtandi, Chanikanguo, Migongo, Mkomaindo, Nyasa, Napupa, Temeke, Sululu, Marika, Mwenge Mtapika, Mumbaka and Matawale.
Masasi Town  is bordered by Nanyumbu Council on the south and Masasi District Council on the east and north. Masasi is a daily city so it is a good place to invest as all the necessary services are available and it is also a city that is easily accessible from Mtwara, Lindi, Dar es Salaam, Ruvuma, Mbeya and Pwani Regions.

Masasi Town Council aspires to be a provider of quality socio-economic services and hence improve the people’s wellbeing by 2025.
To involve the community in provision of effective, efficient and sustainable socio-economic services in order to improve the welfare of Masasi residents.

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