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Mafia Island: Job Opportunities in Tanzania

Mafia Island attracts divers and snorkelers from all over the world to the undersea world protected by Mafia Marine Park. The best months for diving are from October to March, but the best weather on it is from May to October. March and April are months of heavy rain.
Mafia Island Marine Park features coral gardens, an abundant variety of fish and a relaxing snorkeling atmosphere. Countless birds and more than 400 species of fish can be seen in the area. Mafia Island is also a traditional breeding site for green turtles, which are unfortunately endangered.
The Mafia is also a desirable location for deep sea fishing, especially tuna, marlin, sailfish and other large fish.
This paradise island first saw settlers in 8 or 9 C, but the Mafia became a more important settlement during the 12-14 C period when it occupied a key position in the East African trade routes.

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