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Lindi Municipal Council-Lindi, Tanzania

Lindi Municipal Council is one of the oldest cities in Tanzania. It was founded in the 11th century by Arab traders. During the British colonial period, Indian traders lived in many urban areas in the East African region, one of which was Lindi. The name Lindi means LONG HELL, established in the 1700s as a port for the smuggling of slaves and ivory. Slave caravans from Lake Nyasa ended at this port. Until the 1950s Lindi was a good place to live starting with the 18th-century Arabs followed by the people of the Indian subcontinent, later the Germans and finally the British. During the first half of the 20th century many impressive houses were built on the shores of Lindi.
Lindi Town is a southern Tanzanian coastal town and regional capital of Lindi Region located at the far end of Lindi Bay, on the Indian Ocean in southeastern Tanzania. The town is 450 kilometres (280 mi) south of Dar es Salaam and 105 km (65 mi) north of Mtwara, the southernmost coastal town in Tanzania, and gives its name to the surrounding Lindi Region, one of the largest regions in Tanzania and one of most sparsely populated regions of the country.
The town of Lindi is located at the mouth of the Lukuledi River, surrounded by mountains overlooking the Indian Ocean. Mtwara became a city that lost Lindi’s reputation due to its important port and beautiful market on the South Coast, but still Lindi’s good reputation as an excellent tourist destination continues. Despite having a few people who can speak English, most people are very hospitable and willing to help in any way the guests need.
Lindi Mjini was the administrative center for the Southern Province until 1952 when most of the administrative activities were relocated to Mtwara. The move was due to the good condition of the port of Mtwara and the environment with good land in Mtwara. The result was poor economic development and slow population growth in the town of Lindi. In 1971 Lindi town became the headquarters of administrative and business services and finally the city began to change very slowly where in reality the changes could not show the difference to stimulate the growth of economic activity.
In 1972, the government of the United Republic of Tanzania introduced a policy of devolution. This led to slowing down the growth of urban councils but focused on rural development, eventually infrastructure and urban development faded. So the Government reinstated the Urban Councils. Generally during colonial rule Lindi, Mtwara and Ruvuma regions were one Southern province. After independence the rule of the states died and the rule of the provinces was established. Lindi and Mtwara became one region until 1971 where Lindi and Mtwara became independent regions each with its own administration.

Lindi Town is administratively divided into 18 wards, Namely

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