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Kigoma District Council

Kigoma District Council is among the Councils in Kigoma Region which has been established under the Local Government Authority Act.7 of 1982. Other Councils in Kigoma Region are; Uvinza, Kasulu, Buhigwe, Kasulu township, Kibondo, Kakonko and Kigoma/Ujiji Municipal. The Council covers area of 9,396 km2 (20.8% total regional area) of which 1,204 km2 is covered with water mainly Lake Tanganyika. The council borders with; Uvinza District in Southern part, Kasulu District in Eastern part, Buhigwe District in Northern part and Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Burundi Countries in the Western part. Administratively, Kigoma District Council is divided into three Divisions, namely Mwandiga, Mahembe and Kalinzi, 16 Wards, 46 registered Villages and 212 Hamlets. The District Council is divided into two topographical zones – The high land and the low land zones. Lake Tanganyika has positive influence on rainfall pattern and distribution.

The District Investment Vision states that: “Kigoma District  wishes to ensure and to facilitate maximum utilization of investment opportunity for the prosperous and sustainable Development of Kigoma District Community, Region and Tanzania as a whole by 2025”
The District Investment Mission stipulates that: “Kigoma District provides adequate management and facilitation to Potential Domestic and international Investors and build capacities so as to ensure sustainable investment in the District”.

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