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Kigamboni Municipal Council-Dar es salaam, Tanzania

Kigamboni Municipal Council-Dar es salaam, Tanzania;- Introduction, Kigamboni Municipal Council consists of the Temeke Mother District and is one of the five districts that make up the Dar es Salaam Region. Kigamboni District was established by Government Proclamation No. No. 462 of 2015 with the aim of bringing services closer to people.

Kigamboni Municipal Council-Dar es salaam, Tanzania

Neighborhood area
Kigamboni has an area of ​​577.9 square kilometers (57,786.8 hectares) and a coastal belt of 65 kilometers. To the north it is bounded by the Indian Ocean and to the west by Temeke Province.

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After the 2012 Population and Housing Census, the total population of Kigamboni District was 162,932 people and 40,133 families. Of these, 81,199 were male and 81,733 were female. As of December 2019, Kigamboni District has an estimated population of 238,591 of whom 119,686 are women and 118,905 are men due to an increase of 5.6 percent annually.

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