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Jubilee Life Insurance Company Ltd

Jubilee Life Insurance Company Ltd
Jubilee Life Insurance was chosen as the new name after extensive research. The word “Jubilee” is already well known in the financial services market and is associated with the word “happiness” which is very much related to our business. So we decided to give you confidence in our strong market presence along with a promise to help you plan and achieve your financial dreams to keep you and your loved ones happy at all times. With a global brand, we will bring you global best practices in global services and solutions for your financial needs.
The company operates in the life insurance business, doing non-participating business. In accordance with the requirements of the Insurance Ordinance 2000, the Company has established the Shareholders Fund and the following statutory funds in connection with each class of life insurance business:
The unity of individual life is linked
traditional business
Accident and Health Department
Collective life abroad and health work
Takaful window operations
Jubilee Life has received an Insurance Company’s Financial Strength (IFS) rating of “AA+” (Double A Plus) with a “Stable” outlook from JCR-VIS Credit Rating Co.
The company is a subsidiary of the Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development SAL, Switzerland.
Jubilee Life commenced Takaful Window operations with effect from 07 July 2015 (Ramadan 19, 1436 AH). The purpose was to offer Shari’a compliant Takaful products to our siblings to overcome uncertain situations in life.
All business operations and products of the Jubilee Family Takaful Company are approved and supervised by its independent Sharia advisor Mufti Zeeshan Abdul Aziz, a prominent and well-known Sharia advisor. The Internal Shari’a Compliance Department oversees the implementation of Shari’a rulings and guidelines issued relating to various operational and investment related issues. An external Shari’a audit also certifies Shari’a compliance for Jubilee Window Takaful operations.
Shari’a compliant funds consist of investments in Shari’a compliant instruments such as Islamic stocks, sukuk, Islamic certificates, Islamic mutual funds, placements with Islamic banking institutions (IBIs) etc. In this regard, the company has established the following takaful funds:
Capital Growth Takaful Fund
Managed Takaful Fund
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