DSTV Packages in Tanzania
DSTV Packages in Tanzania DSTV

DSTV Packages in Tanzania (2023)

DSTV Packages in Tanzania (2023)

Are you in Tanzania and looking for the latest information on “Vifurushi vya DSTV” or DSTV package prices? Look no further, as we provide you with a comprehensive guide to DSTV packages available in Tanzania in 2023. DSTV, one of Africa’s leading satellite television services, has been a favorite among millions of viewers across the continent, offering a wide range of entertainment, sports, and news channels. Let’s delve into the details of the various DSTV packages, their prices, and the benefits they offer to cater to your entertainment needs and budget.

Table of Contents

  1. DSTV Packages Prices in Tanzania
  2. DSTV Packages Prices in Tanzania FAQ

DSTV Packages Prices in Tanzania

Here’s a table showing the available DSTV packages and their corresponding monthly prices in Tanzania:

DSTV Poa (50+ Channels) 10,000
DSTV Bomba (90+ Channels) 23,000
DSTV Shangwe (115+ Channels) 34,000
DSTV Compact (145+ Channels) 56,000
DSTV Compact Plus (155+ Channels) 99,000
DSTV Premium (170+ Channels) 155,000

DSTV Packages Prices in Tanzania FAQ

  • What do you get on DStv Premium?

DSTV Premium offers more than 150 channels, including all 16 SuperSport channels, the latest blockbuster movies, additional movie pop-up channels, award-winning series, and access to Showmax at no additional cost.

  • What is the price of a DSTV Decoder in Tanzania?

The price of a DSTV HD Zapper Decoder + Dish kit without installation ranges from TZS 79,000 to TZS 120,000. If you opt for the Zapper Decoder + Dish kit with installation, it will cost around TZS 99,000 to TZS 140,000.

  • What is the price of a DSTV Explora Decoder in Tanzania?

For the DSTV Explore Decoder + Dish kit without installation, you can expect to pay around TZS 486,000. If you prefer the option with installation, it will cost approximately TZS 486,000, with an additional TZS 30,000 for installation. Additionally, there is a monthly charge of TZS 29,000 for the PVR service.


In conclusion, DSTV provides a diverse range of packages and prices for its satellite television service in Tanzania in 2023. These packages cater to a variety of tastes, including sports enthusiasts, movie lovers, and news junkies. It’s important to note that prices may vary depending on your specific location and the options available in your area. overall, DSTV remains an affordable and reliable choice for television entertainment in Tanzania, ensuring you have access to your favorite programs and channels. Whether you choose DSTV Poa, DSTV Bomba, DSTV Shangwe, DSTV Compact, DSTV Compact Plus, or DSTV Premium, there’s a package tailored just for you. Enjoy your viewing experience with DSTV in Tanzania!