Top Comedy Films on Hulu

Top Comedy Films on Hulu:- Everyone deserves a laugh from time to time, and we probably need it more since the Pandemic. The good news is that the Hulu catalog is brimming with TV and arthouse critics, and it is difficult to navigate it when you are looking for something to help take the edge off your day. We are here to help. This constantly updated mix of comedy classics, independent films, and the latest comedy crazes is what you will need to get away.
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In this guide below, we will discuss some of the best rom-com movies available on Hulu and why you should not miss them. Lets get started!

Top Comedy Films on Hulu

The art of Self Defense

This film stars Jesse Eisenberg as a shy man who finds himself through a unique martial arts training program and its eccentric headmaster. Alessandro Nivola plays the teacher in this wacky comedy about a common man who attempts to learn ways to protect himself. The story is told from Casey’s perspective, an amiable and timid man who is attacked one night as he walks home.
To stop being victimized by the things frightening him, Casey takes up a local martial arts school taught by the mysterious Sensei (Alessandro Nivola). However, the more Casey becomes a part of Sensei’s world, the more risky and violent things turn out to be. Director and writer Riley Stearns is playing with notions about masculinity and gender in a movie that seems to have a growing fan base soon.


The latest film by South Korean filmmaker Bong Joon-ho is a complete masterpiece from beginning to end. The parasite is a story about a squatter family that finds a wealthy family that they can con by posing as skilled employees. In the films, Bong performs a high-wire dance of genres and tones, never losing his footing in the process of taking them on a roller coaster ride of twists and turns. The film is an absolute delight to see as it deftly analyzes the issue of income inequality and class distinctions.


Oliva Wilde made her directorial debut with this cult comedy. Beanie Feldstein and Kaitlyn Dever starred in this female version of Superbad when Amy and Molly realized that jocks, partygoers, and other cool students could enjoy themselves and also be accepted into elite universities.
On the evening before they graduated from high school, Amy and Molly realize they have never really let loose or attended any kind of party. They decide to squeeze four years of snark and debauchery into one evening. The movie is funny and sweet. Also, it is a Hulu exclusive.

Happiest Season

In this Queer comedy, disenchanted between wanting to spend the holidays with her partner and the pressure of staying home during the holiday season. Harper invites Abby to the family Christmas celebration not as a romantic date but as her roommate who is orphaned. Are the couple able to be able to come out of this intact, and can Harper’s family discover their secrets? This slick holiday dramedy focuses on the power of accepting and is guaranteed to bring laughter all year long.

Palm Springs

The Lonely Islan aka Andy Samberg and Cristin Milioti star as wedding guests who live the same day repeatedly. The character of Samberg is stuck in a loop of time for years, going through the same day repeatedly time. The problem is that Millioti’s character is also entangled in the time loop, and a funny, sweet, enlightening, and revealing tale unfolds.
The concept may be familiar; however, the execution is utterly original, heartfelt, and often funny. Palm Springs is streaming exclusively on Hulu. If you haven’t watched it yet, be prepared to be stunned.


Bridesmaid is among the top influential motion pictures of the 21st century. Paul Feig’s uproarious in-your-face look at modern-day woman friendship has launched the career of Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy to heights. People flocked to the film at the beginning of its run. It only benefited from repeated viewings: This film became important due to its topic of women bonding after adulthood, which is largely overlooked in mainstream cinema, but the profound message was delivered hilariously.

The Nice Guy

Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling are two abandoned private investigators who team up to find the missing female (Margaret Qualley) in 1977 Los Angeles with some assistance from Crowe’s smart teenage daughter, played by Angourie Rice. While the investigation will take the group to the furthest areas of the city and into a deep rabbit, the unforeseen rapport between Crowe and Gosling keeps the engine running. It will make you wonder what it was that brought them together.


The above-mentioned titles are a source of entertainment for you. If you’re looking to find some hilarious laughs at home and already have a Hulu membership just pick up a movie and start enjoying your day.

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