Security Training Courses and Prices in South Africa

Security Training Courses and Prices in South Africa – Due to the prevalence of crime, the South African security sector has been expanding rapidly for many years. According to estimates, there are over 9,000 registered security firms and over 450,000 registered security guards. The sector has a staggering estimated annual turnover of US$6 billion!

Access control, fire protection, CCTV surveillance, and intrusion alarms and detection are the four major sectors of South Africa’s security business, which is among the most developed in the world. Even security-related goods like road barriers, electrified fence, riot gear, razor wire, etc. are exported in large quantities by South Africa. To meet the ongoing need for skilled personnel in the security industry, a huge variety of security courses have been established.

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What security courses are available?  

There is a great variety of security training courses available in the many different segments of the security industry. Here are just a few of the different areas and courses:

  • Armed Response Security Training
  • Control Room Operator Training
  • Fire Arms Training
  • Grade B Security Training
  • Grade A Security Training
  • Grade C Security Training
  • Grade D Security Training
  • Grade E Security Training
  • National Certificate in General Security Practices Johannesburg Gauteng
  • National Certificate in General Security Practices Training
  • Grade A Security Training
  • SASSETA Skill Levels Training
  • PSIRA Grade A Security Training

What do the security training courses cost?

It is important to note that prices vary widely and might be anywhere between one hundred rand and many thousand rands. Here are some approximate numbers, though. The cost of training to become a Grade A Security Manager ranges from R1,050 to R1,400. The cost of the course to become a Grade B Security Supervisor ranges from R1,050 to R1,500.

Qualification costs for Grade C Information Protection range from R950 to R1,050, while those for Grade D Access Control range from R850 to R950. While becoming a Grade A Security Manager would cost you between R1050 and R1,400, becoming a Grade E Patrol Officer will cost you between R750 and R850.

A Grade B Security Supervisor’s course costs from R1,050 to R1,500, a Grade C Protection of Information course ranges from R950 to R1,050. The Grade D Access Control course charges from R850 to R950, and the Grade E Patrol Officer qualification will set you back from R750 to R850. Extensive fire arms training can be much more expensive.

What does PSiRA stand for, and what does it do?

The Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority, as its name implies, is the regulatory agency in charge of regulating the private security sector in South Africa. All schools and training centers that provide security training courses must be PSiRA accredited, and it regulates the industry’s operations. This is to ensure that the Private Security Industry Regulation Amendment Act of 2012 is followed and that all professional and legal requirements are upheld.

Seven examples of security training courses available in South Africa


  • Armed Response Security Training

This 5-day course is aimed at training armed response security officers to be able to assess the risk factors in a situation. It trains them to respond to a crime situation safely, responsibly and professionally. It also trains them in the legal aspects of their jobs. It highlights customer relations, emergency procedures, communication, crime scene procedures, victim handling, challenge and inspection procedures, report writing and court procedures.


  • Fire Arms Training

This course gives trainees a thorough grounding in the Firearms Control Act 60 of 2000. It also trains them in the skills to handle and use various weapons. These include handguns, shotguns, manually operated rifles, pump action or double-barrelled shotguns or carbines, self-loading rifles and semi-automatic rifles. The price of this course varies significantly depending on which weapons are included in the training and the duration of the course.

  • National Certificates in General Security Practices

These are entry level qualifications that equip candidates with the key competencies required of security personnel in a variety of security roles. It is aimed at candidates who want work in the security industry and want to acquire the skills needed for standard security practices.These include access and exit control, asset protection, security patrols and responses, and security operations. Candidates will be furnished with the necessary skills, knowledge and mindsets to work in a professional manner, thus boosting their career opportunities in the security industry.


  • Security grades E D C |Grade C Security Training

This 5-day course aims to ensure that security officers with a Grade C classification are able to protect classified information, conduct emergency situations, can save lives and are able to assess risk and handle it professionally. The training includes threat assessment, occupational safety, fire prevention and protection, bomb threats, self-defence and the legal aspects.

  • Control Room Operator Training

There are various courses that provide CCTV training. These include training CCTV operation, surveillance profiling, audits and procedures, CCTV installations, control room system design, ergonomics and data centre analysis. Candidates are taught about alternating current, direct current, semiconductors, CCTV methodology and terminology and how to draft a concise professional quote. The courses also cover installation tips, the laws that pertain, guidelines, pricing and sales techniques. Candidates will cover the practical aspects of setting up cameras, using checklists, monitoring, and effective handovers at end-of-shift.

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  • Control Room Supervisors

These courses are geared at empowering supervisors and junior managers to upgrade their skills to the high expectations of clients like estates, malls and corporate head-offices. Subjects covered include the preparation of a workstation for duty, monitoring, emergency and non-emergency signals and effective handovers. Alarms, CCTV cameras, identifying potential criminal activity and managing communications, conflict and on-site emergencies, are also covered.


  • Training in Retail Security

This 5-day course aims to teach security officers exactly how the retail security environment functions. It highlights all the relevant legal aspects and the intricacies of tagging. It particularly emphasises the importance of maintaining good public relations in this business sector of the security environment.

There is an ongoing demand for security personnel in South Africa’s vibrant security industry. The wide range of training courses available ensures that anybody who’s interested in this field will be able to access the training they need to equip them with the skills they need.

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