6 Ways To Earn An Extra Cash In 2022/2023

6 Ways To Earn An Extra Cash In 2022/2023 – To get by these days, you can’t only rely on your day job. Many people are finding it difficult to keep money in their savings accounts, pay off debt, or save for retirement as the cost of living in SA keeps rising. Thankfully, there are methods to earn a little additional money. You’ll probably need to make a few compromises, like working on the weekends or after hours, but if the goal is to reduce debt or increase savings, it might be worthwhile.

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Here are 6 Ways To Earn An Extra Cash In 2022/2023.


You may make extra money by renting out a spare room or granny flat to vacationers and business travelers if you just seldom use them. Listing it on the well-known, established since 2008 online lodging directory Airbnb is a popular way to do this.

While listing your house or room on Airbnb is free, hosts are charged a service fee (including taxes, if applicable) each time a booking is made. The host service cost is typically 3%, however some listers may pay extra if they have severe cancellation policies or are Airbnb Plus hosts.


There are several websites that serve as marketplaces for freelancers, providing a venue for employers and workers to negotiate an agreement on work that may be compensated with a set rate or by the hour. They consist of Jobvine, Upwork, We Work Remotely, and Fiverr.

Check to see whether your particular town or city has websites or other platforms where you may add yourself to attract additional clients or advertise for part-time work. For instance, Cape Town has a website called freelancecapetown.com that connects freelancers with “freelancing finders” (employers).

Visit safrea.co.za, the website of the Southern African Freelancers’ Association, for further details on training, networking, and resources.


Because of the rising need for flexibility and remote job options, companies like RecruitMyMom have prospered. RecruitMyMom often hires you as an independent contractor, but it also negotiates permanent employment contracts with businesses.

You could work with children if you possess the necessary credentials and clearance information. For instance, Soccermom.co.za is a placement service that finds drivers for parents whose work commitments prevent them from driving their children to and from school.

To work for this agency, you must first complete some administrative tasks, such as creating your profile and passing Soccermom’s 10-point certification interview. The method assesses factors like your car’s age (10 years or less is the maximum allowed) and if it is roadworthy.

Additionally, part-time employment can be obtained through job search engines like Indeed, Adzuna, and Gumtree.

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If you enjoy crafting, such as knitting, sewing, or crocheting, you may manufacture clothing and blankets and sell them online through classifieds websites like Gumtree.

Facebook and other social media platforms have a number of communities where parents in particular can conduct business and market their products, particularly in the weeks before Christmas. On Instagram, many mothers effectively promote their companies and goods.

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Through advertising, sponsored posts, brand collaborations, affiliate links, product and service reviews, giveaways, and sponsored social media posts, blogging can generate income.

The creator of the parenting site Mother City Millers, author, editor, and brand strategist Mandy Lee Miller, cautions that you must strike the correct balance:
No matter the brand, it might be very tempting to accept any cash provided. Almost all of the bloggers I am familiar with have once or twice fallen victim to overconfidence’s icy slide.

“Your audience soon notices if your content changes from telling your narrative to writing exclusively sponsored pieces about the things you are given or paid to talk about. Additionally, because there are so many other bloggers, it might be difficult to retain readers once they go.


Companies constantly require information, and by providing it to them, you could make money. You can earn money and other benefits from a number of websites, including Answered Insight and M4Jam, by consistently responding to surveys.

Be cautious!

There are many dishonest operators out there, so if you plan to rely on a third party to create income, you must be cautious about who you approach and what you agree to do.

Any employment offer where the “recruiter” is attempting to gather funds should set off major alarm bells. Some people can claim that you must pay a training cost, but this could be a con to get your cash. If an agency is engaged, the agency will ask the employer for payment rather than the job seeker.

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