5 High Paying Jobs That You Can Do Without A Degree

5 High Paying Jobs That You Can Do Without A Degree | Did you know that getting a decent job doesn’t always require a college degree.

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Unfortunately, many South Africans cannot afford to attend a university, which is why the FeesMustFall movement, which began in 2015 and gathered traction in 2016, was created.

Just the first year of education for a typical BCom Accounting student, according to this Parent24 story, may cost up to R112 080. This sum of money is significant, especially when you consider that 47% of South Africans who are currently employed make less than the new proposed minimum wage.

Due to a lack of funds, many parents simply cannot afford to send their kids to college, even with financial aid. They frequently required them to start working right away in order to provide for their families.

It’s a harsh and unpleasant fact of life.

However, there are other tertiary education options besides university education.

We discovered these six high paying professions that you can accomplish without a university degree thanks to the people at Adzuna, a job aggregator site that displays all the SA opportunities online and in one location to make it simpler for job searchers to find the ideal role:

5 High Paying Jobs That You Can Do Without A Degree

developers, particularly SAP, Java, and C# developers:

Good developers are in high demand, and pay is competitive. For this one, you can learn online or teach yourself; you don’t need to sit in a lecture hall. Developers with experience might earn up to R1.2 million annually. SAP programmers may make more than R1,000 per hour.

Digital marketing positions:

You could acquire a job at a digital marketing company if you have a credential from a college offering digital training, a sound mind, and the suitable demeanor. You might make up to R720,000 year with expertise.

Flight attendant:

Since the money gained is in dollars and not subject to tax, you could be making six figures if you work for prestigious airlines like Emirates (although this necessitates relocation to the Middle East), but if you want to stay in South Africa, you may still make up to R420 000 year. You can take a quick course to become a flight attendant at sites like Damelin.

You could be earning the big bucks if you work for top airlines like Emirates (although this requires relocation to the Middle East), since the money earned is in dollars and not taxed, but if you’re looking to stay in SA, you can still earn up to R420 000 a year. To become a flight attendant, you can do a short course at places like Damelin.


If you work in the right restaurant (busy and expensive) and you’re prepared to do in-house training and work 60 to 70 hours per week, you could bring in around R30 000 – R40 000 per month in salary plus tips.

Real estate agent:

According to Realty Professionals, your annual income might range from R100,000 to R500,000. To start as a “intern agent” in any real estate office under the supervision of a qualified agent or principal for a full 12 months during which time you are expected to keep a logbook, you would need to do so in order to become a qualified estate agent. Once your 12-month probationary period is up, you’ll be able to finish the online NQF-4 course.

Although these “softer” vocations are wonderful, keep in mind that you may have a successful career in one of the trades, such as construction, plumbing, or electrical work. After completing your trade education, you begin as an apprentice and work your way up, according to plumbingschool.co.za. Additionally, there is a lack of plumbers abroad, where you may earn between R30 000 and R60 000 per month.

There are numerous employment options available that don’t require a university degree. All you need to do is conduct appropriate research to identify a decision you won’t regret when you wake up.

Do you hold a position that does not require a college degree? Inform us of it.

You don’t need to wash your coffee cup, according to a new study.

– Do you experience work burnout?

What our readers had to say was as follows:

“Bank clerk initially. Many people are progressing within the bank, and some are receiving bararies there. If you perform, I e Standard Bank will finance you.” A. Kabelo

“Since 1990, I’ve worked in the dairy sector, more especially in the Long Life division. As an artisan, I joined ( I am an electronics and electrical artisan). I began as a UHT (Ultra High Temperature) technician and have advanced through the ranks through training and courses throughout the years.

“I have been working at a dairy in Botswana for the past 50 years, and depending on the Zar/Bwp exchange rate, I make roughly R120k each month.

“Although a degree is not necessary, you must be an expert craftsperson with a thorough knowledge of electricity in 400V 3 phase, 230V single phase, 24V dc, plcs, and milk rheology because, as an expat, you are expected to be a One-Stop-Shop. We earn well because we frequently compromise our sanity and family time.” the Scharl

Eskom’s high voltage network is undergoing live maintenance and work. All you need to do is show up for a six-week training course to receive up to R17 000 for a gloved member and R25 000 for the person in charge. — Maholanyane

I started working full-time when I was 16 and am now 27. Being a single parent, my mom was unable to pay for both my brother and I to complete our educations. The year I graduated from high school with my grade 10 diploma, my brother was in grade 12.

“I started at the bottom and eventually landed a position at the family friend’s company. I worked as a receptionist for a year before switching to sales and administration and earning the title of PA to the CEO. I then spent a total of four years working in the manufacturing industry before being head-hunted by another company.

“In 2009, I switched to my second job. The following year, I was hired by the business as a buyer. Fortunately for me, my salary improved by 20% yearly as a result of my hard work. I held this position until 2014, when I was hired by a solar firm looking to establish operations in South Africa.

The short version is that I’m now married, have purchased a house and a respectable automobile, while my brother, who had continued his education, is only finishing his studies this year and beginning his minimal wage internship. by Rebecca

“executives in motor sales. Along with fantastic business advantages, there is also a sizable and unrestricted earning potential. You have the option of having flexible hours.” – Jean

“The mining sector is one to keep in mind as a potential career. Young women (or men) can pursue a variety of options in the fields of engineering and mining. The positions are well paid, with individuals earning more than R40,000 per month and mid management making around R80,000 per month “- Barry

“At a large engineering firm in South Africa, I worked as a design draughtsman with a focus on designing large EPCM projects (Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Management). In the UK, the pay for draughtsmen and designers in this profession is from £25 to £35 per hour.” – Chris

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