Will The R350 Grant Be Increased?

Will The R350 Grant Be Increased? – Although the recipients of the award cannot survive off of it, it does enable them to purchase a few necessities each month. Which prompts many to ask whether the R350 grant will be increased, particularly in light of the recent rise in the cost of living.

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Will The R350 Grant Be Increased?

Will The R350 Grant Be Increased?

The Special Covid-19 Social Relief of Distress (SRD) award would be increased, according to Lindiwe Zulu, Minister of the Department of Social Development, who told eNCA in an interview that she was working on it. The department might not, however, have the money to enhance the grant.

The minister stated, “We don’t have the money, but we must find the money.”

The award was created by the Department of Social Development to aid persons who were losing their jobs as a result of the Covid-19 outbreak. By offering these people some financial assistance, they were able to survive during a very trying time.

The Special Covid-19 SRD award enables people to purchase a few necessities. Although the award is available to anybody in need, many people are turned down despite living in poverty because of application requirements.

They are in worse financial shape as their living costs rise. People are forced to make numerous critical sacrifices as a result since they must use the gift sparingly.

The fact that more over 10 million people applied for the first round of Special Covid-19 SRD grant applications indicated how desperately needed financial aid was throughout the nation.

Even while the minister admitted that R350 was insufficient to support a family, he added that “we needed it to put something in the hands of those who need it.” Zulu wants the basic income award to be put into effect since it might assist a lot of people manage their expenses.

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