SRD Grant 350 News Alert Today

SRD Grant 350 News Alert Today | For millions of helpless South Africans, the Social Relief of Distress (SRD) award is a lifeline. However, technical difficulties have made it impossible for them to receive their money.
It was stated earlier this year that the SRD grant would no longer be given out by the South African Post Office (Sapo). The recipients of the grant would no longer need to attend a Sapo branch on a specified day and queue up in order to pick up their funds.

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SRD Grant 350 News Alert Today

SRD Grant 350 News Alert Today

Beneficiaries of SRD grants would now be able to pick up their grants from retail locations whenever it best suits their schedules. These retail establishments include Boxer, Checkers, Pick N Pay, and Shoprite. The PostBank would handle these payments.

However, technical issues have made it impossible for SRD grant winners to pick up their awards from retail locations. The PostBank issued an apology for the errors and urged grant recipients to exercise patience as they worked to get their system up and running smoothly.

According to Dr. Kelle Howson, a research associate at the Institute for Economic Justice, people are becoming demoralized by the social support system in the nation.

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Howson notes that the introduction of new requirements and the questions that had to be addressed during the SRD grant application process were some of the factors that contributed to this demoralization.

Only online applications are accepted for the SRD grant, which may exclude applicants who don’t have access to the internet. Additionally, the application website is only available in English, which may be challenging for those who don’t speak it.

We recognize that this grant was implemented quickly under emergency circumstances, but we’re just saying it’s not acceptable that a grant intended to help the most disadvantaged people ends up excluding them due to these exclusionary systems.

Howson continues by saying that a means test being implemented by the South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) will prevent many people who need assistance from receiving it.

This was seen when Sassa reduced the SRD grant’s income cutoff to R350, resulting in only 5 million persons receiving the payment. More than 10 million people received the stipend at the earlier income cutoff of R595.

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