How Sassa Plans To Increase R350 Grant Beneficiaries

How Sassa Plans To Increase R350 Grant Beneficiaries | In the final week of April 2022, when the new R350 grant application period commenced, more than 11 million people submitted applications. Only five million of the eight million applicants for the grant, though, were given the money.

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How Sassa Plans To Increase R350 Grant Beneficiaries

More than half of those who requested for the R350 award were denied, according to the South African Social Security Agency (Sassa).

How Sassa Plans To Increase R350 Grant Beneficiaries

A revision in the R350 grant conditions as well as fewer overall submissions contributed significantly to the high number of grant applications that were turned down.

The income cutoff for the R350 grant’s initial round was R595. However, Sassa did not have enough money to reimburse everyone who had previously received the award, therefore in April 2022, they dropped the income requirement to R350.

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Less persons would now be eligible for the grant as a result of this adjustment. In an effort to boost the number of people who are eligible for the R350 award, Sassa will now try to raise the income level to the food poverty line.

Brenton Van Vrede, Executive Manager for Grants, claimed that the lower income threshold may have contributed to the lower number of applications received by Sassa, and that other previous beneficiaries may not have submitted applications after realizing they would no longer be eligible for the grant.

Sassa hopes that by lifting the R350 grant income criterion to R624, at least 10 million households will qualify and be awarded the R350 grant. Van Vrede continues by saying that the department might think about raising the threshold even more if they notice that fewer than 10 million applications are submitted.

This month, Social Development Minister Lindiwe Zulu introduced draft regulations, which are now being reviewed by the general public. Before releasing the final regulations with the increased income threshold, there is a formal procedure.

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