Soweto Derby 2022-2023 Orlando Pirates vs Kaizer Chiefs

Soweto Derby 2022-2023 Orlando Pirates vs Kaizer Chiefs | The local soccer rivalry between Orlando Pirates and Kaizer Chiefs, both of Johannesburg, is known as the Soweto derby. Due to the fact that both clubs are situated in the Soweto region, southwest of Johannesburg, the name of this heated rivalry was given to it. Everything you need to know about the Soweto derby will be covered in this article, including a brief overview of the two clubs’ histories as well as information on forthcoming games and previous match outcomes. If you love soccer and want to understand more about this fierce rivalry, keep reading to learn everything you need to know.

Soweto Derby 2022-2023 Orlando Pirates vs Kaizer Chiefs

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An overview of Orlando Pirates’ history

The Premier Soccer Competition, South Africa’s top soccer league, is where Orlando Pirates competes. 
The Orlando Stadium, the biggest soccer stadium in South Africa and the location of the football club’s home matches, is found in Soweto. 
One of the oldest soccer clubs in South Africa, the club was founded in 1959. 
Black and white are the club’s official colors, and they go by the moniker “The Sea Robbers.” 
The “big three” soccer teams in South Africa are Kaizer Chiefs, Mamelodi Sundowns, and Orlando Pirates. 
The team has won 26 trophies in their 58-year history, including two championships, 12 league championships, one Confederations Cup, one Super Cup, and 11 CAF Champions League wins trophies.

A synopsis of Kaizer Chiefs’ history

The soccer team Kaizer Chiefs is situated in Johannesburg, South Africa. The FNB Stadium, located in Soweto, is where the club plays its home games. The “big three” clubs in South Africa are Orlando Pirates, Mamelodi Sundowns, and Kaizer Chiefs. Black Native Sons, the name of the club when it was created in 1969, was changed to Kaizer Chiefs two years later. The club’s “Amakhosi” moniker and colors are yellow, black, and white. Over the course of their history, Kaizer Chiefs has won 29 trophies, including 15 CAF Champions League medals, one Confederation Cup, nine league championships, three championships, and nine league crowns.

Who has the edge in the Soweto derby?

There is no doubting that both clubs have experienced success in the Soweto derby, but one team has consistently held the advantage throughout the rivalry’s history. Having won 18 of the 39 Soweto derby games, Kaizer Chiefs enjoys a sizable advantage over Orlando Pirates, who have 21 victories. There have been 39 meetings between the two teams, with nine of those ending in draws. In their most recent meeting, which was contested in October 2018, both teams scored goals, and the game ended in a 1-1 draw.

What is known as the “Soweto Derby”?

Undoubtedly, one of the most intense rivalries in sports is the Soweto derby. 
The derby is soccer match between Orlando Pirates and Kaizer Chiefs, both of Johannesburg. 
The Soweto derby, which features these two teams since 1969, has grown to be one of the most well-known rivalries in the world. 
The Soweto region, southwest of Johannesburg, is the location of both clubs, therefore the name of the rivalry.

Why is this match so important?

The Soweto Derby has a lot on the line, and one team is typically named the “King of Soweto” following the game. In Soweto, a densely populated area, many soccer supporters support either Orlando Pirates or Kaizer Chiefs, as the two clubs are bitter rivals. The Soweto derby victor will be dubbed “King of Soweto” until the following game, therefore there is a lot on the line for both clubs. The winning team in the Soweto Derby receives the honor of having their name inscribed on the trophy for a year, and they are the only team to hold this honor until the Soweto Derby is played again.

Is there an upcoming match?

Yes! On September 22, 2019, at 5 PM SAST, the Orlando Stadium in Soweto will host the next Soweto derby game. Orlando Pirates and Kaizer Chiefs, the latter of which is recently crowned “King of Soweto,” will face off in the game. See if Orlando Pirates can unseat Kaizer Chiefs and recover the title of “King of Soweto” by tuning in to the game!

Results of prior games

Kaizer Chiefs and Orlando Pirates drew 1-1 on September 22. Kaizer Chiefs and Orlando Pirates drew 1-1 on October 21. Kaizer Chiefs defeated Orlando Pirates 1-0 on October 22. Kaizer Chiefs lost to Orlando Pirates 2-1 on October 21, 2015. Kaizer Chiefs defeated Orlando Pirates 1-0 on October 23. Kaizer Chiefs defeated Orlando Pirates 1-0 on October 24.

Where can you watch the Soweto derby?

You’ll want to know where to watch the upcoming Soweto derby game now that you’ve learned everything there is to know about the Soweto derby. At 5 PM SAST on September 22, 2019, the Orlando Pirates and Kaizer Chiefs Soweto derby game will be televised live on SuperSport (channel 505) and SuperSport Select (channel 506). If you want to witness the upcoming Soweto Derby, be sure to check into one of these channels! The newest Soweto derby match’s live updates, highlights, and analysis are available on theScore, where you can also keep up with the action.

Dates Orlando Pirates vs Kaizer Chiefs

29 October 2022

Orlando Pirates vs Kaizer Chiefs

25 February 2023

Kaizer Chiefs vs Orlando Pirates

Last words
A soccer match between two South African clubs is known as the Soweto derby. The victorious side in this fiercely intense battle is dubbed the King of Soweto. Since 1969, matches between the two soccer clubs have taken place in the Soweto neighborhood. It will be intriguing to watch who is crowned King of Soweto following the next Soweto derby match because the rivalry has grown to be one of the most well-known in the globe.

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