Body Languages To Avoid During A Job Interview

Body Languages To Avoid During A Job Interview | A job interview is a meeting between a job candidate and a representative of the company that is used to determine whether the candidate should be recruited. One of the most widely utilized methods for choosing employees is the interview. A structured interview is one in which a candidate is asked a predetermined list of questions in a specific order; structured interviews are typically more accurate predictors of which candidates will make suitable employees, according to research studies. Interviews can range from completely unstructured and free-form conversations to structured interviews.

Body Languages To Avoid During A Job Interview

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Below Are 10 Tips Body Languages To Avoid During A Job Interview

1. Avoid crossing your legs or leaning against a wall.

2. Avoid crossing your arms across your chest; doing so suggests that you are conceited or haughty.

3. When answering questions, always face ahead and avoid bending over.

4. Avoid biting your nails or placing anything in your mouth to chew on.

5. Avoid leaning excessively on your chair when you are sitting; this is a symptom of indolence.

6. If you’re standing, strive to correct your posture.

7. Avoid criticizing the interviewers.

8. Try not to squint too much

9. Avoid putting your hands in your pockets or behind your back.

10. Avoid making negative comments about your former workplace.

Body language in interview PDF

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