AZAM Pesa ni nini | AZAM Pesa App

AZAM Pesa ni nini | Azam Pesa is a new financial service in Tanzania. A large and widespread company in Tanzania and neighboring countries ‘Bakhresa Group‘ has brought to the market a new financial service known as ‘Azam Pesa’.

This service is like other services of M-Pesa, Airtel Money, Tigo Pesa, Halopesa and the like.

To better understand this service, I will go into the style of questions and then answers.

AZAM Pesa ni nini | AZAM Pesa App

Has Azam started their mobile network?

Nope. Azam has not yet started their network like several telecommunications companies in this country.

But AzamPesa has entered into an agreement with some networks to facilitate access to services through the lines of those networks.

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Until now, AzamPesa has agreed with Tigo, Airtel and Zantel. So this service is available in the mentioned network lines.

Vodacom, Halotel and other networks are still in talks. When they agree then this service will be enabled in those lines.

Is this service involved?
and what?
As with other services, this service deals with;
1. Sending Money
2. Giving Money
3. Paying bills
4. Paying for Azam products

Is this service up and running?

Yes, this service has already started working for all registered customers.

How do I join this service?
Come to the agent’s shop and get registered. What is needed is your phone number and your NIDA number. Within two minutes you will already be registered as an AzamPesa customer.

Can I get special Azam bundles?

Nope. As I have explained above that Azam has not yet started their network, so the issue of packages remains the decision of the respective network.

Where do I get this service?
This service is available in all regions of Tanzania. Although it is not yet spread everywhere but its availability in many urban areas is certain.

How much is AzamPesa’s ussd menu?

After registration, you will change the password. So you will press *150*08# and be able to access the AzamPesa service.

If you have any question related to AzamPesa services, then welcome.

AZAM Pesa App

AzamPesa, is the newest SIM/telecom independent electronic money transfer service that allows users to send, receive and make digital payments through mobile phones.

AzamPesa prides itself in majestic services and low rates. With an average of 8.5% lower in fee, AzamPesa aims at impacting lower and middle income earners and disrupting the digital commerce industry by facilitating transactions.

• Intuitive app

Our app is designed with users in mind and iteratively consult users for enriching experiences and service delivery

• Access

AzamPesa allow users to effectively access funds and make different payments such as government payment, merchant payments etc

• Security

With bank grade security implementations , our AzamPesa app is designed to secure payment and data of our users.

• Built for digital commerce

Our app offer incentives for digital payments and allow merchant to offer values to their customers through cashback promo and industrial rebate programs

• Still have questions?

If you have any queries or feedback about this App, please do get in touch by sending an email to [email protected] or call customer service 0800 785 555

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