Why Are Your R350 Grant Payments Delayed?

Why Are Your R350 Grant Payments Delayed? | If you are among those who have applied for the Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant but have yet to receive feedback on the status of your application, there is a good reason for this. According to the South African Social Security Agency, here is why you are experiencing this delay (Sassa)

Why Are Your R350 Grant Payments Delayed?

Have you experienced lengthy delays in receiving your Sassa R350 grant payment or any response on the status of your related application this month?

According to the South African Social Security Agency (Sassa), this is due to late applications and payments in April and May.

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Sassa also acknowledged the backlog of May and April applications and stated that it would be addressed through a project, but that they were still working on those applications.

Thus, if your payment is delayed because Sassa needs to verify your bank information, it means that Sassa is currently doing so. Sassa also stated that it is possible that the information submitted is incorrect. If you change your bank account without informing Sassa, this causes a delay in the payment process, which is another issue.

Furthermore, a breakdown in communication between you and the Sassa could be the source of the delays. As a result, if you find yourself waiting for a long time, check to see if Sassa has attempted to contact you. To obtain accurate information, they will contact R350 grant recipients.

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If you require assistance with your delayed grant payment, you can also contact the Sassa call center or update your bank information on the Sassa Srd website.

Furthermore, a lack of submitted payment information may be the cause of your appeal payment being delayed after it has been approved. You should then go to the SRD website and change the payment method and information.

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