List of all 15 Fox News female anchors you should watch in 2022

List of all 15 Fox News female anchors you should watch in 2022 | In recent years, Fox News has seen an increase in undeniably powerful female voices elevating television hosting, anchoring, and reporting to new heights. Without a doubt, the Fox News female anchors are outstanding at their jobs. They are experienced journalists and spokeswomen with decades of experience shaping public opinion. The ladies, on the other hand, are stars in their own right. They have the ability to convey news to millions of American households while also eliciting the information they require from their viewers.

Fox News is a powerful cable network with a unique position in the American media landscape, particularly among the ideological right. Over the years, the network has had its fair share of bias, preferring to interview one-sided political figures and focusing on issues that generate tabloid excitement and controversy. However, the network continues to be one of America’s most popular cable news programs. However, the fact that Fox News has female anchors is one of the reasons why people watch it.

List of all 15 Fox News female anchors you should watch in 2022

Female anchors on Fox News

The Fox News women have established themselves as an obvious presence in the digital age, providing informed political perspectives throughout primetime. Their influence extends to all social media platforms where they interact with their fans. Who are the female anchors on Fox News Channel to watch?

Below is a List of all 15 Fox News female anchors you should watch in 2022

1. Arthel Neville

Arthel Neville joined Fox News Channel in 1998 as a news contributor and remained there until 2001. She currently works as a Saturday co-anchor at America’s News Headquarters in New York. Although Arthel Neville’s history and talent may be mistaken for that of any other television personality and the daughter of a Grammy Award winner, her background and talent stand out in many ways. She is a household name in the United States, having been a pioneer in the media space.

2. Cheryl Casone

Cheryl Casone has worked as an anchor for Fox Business Network since September 2007. Casone also offers weekly job reports on Fox News Channel, where she adds to financial news. She, like the majority of her contemporaries, has a long history in journalism, having covered financial, business, and consumer news.

She is the one to watch right now, owing to her vast reporting on a variety of themes, including corporate governance, foreign investments, global markets, and the overall economy.

3. Dagen McDowell

Since 2007, Dagen McDowell has been a Fox Business Network anchor. On weekday mornings, she may be seen on the network in the segment Mornings with Maria. McDowell is also a Fox News Channel business correspondent who appears on a variety of Fox News Channel shows on a regular basis. McDowell is a well-known anchor who comes from a financial background, so her business and political insight will be vital to keep an eye on.

4. Dana Perino

Dana Perino is one of Fox News’ most seasoned and accomplished female journalists. She is the co-anchor of America’s Newsroom, a Fox News Channel morning news show. Perino is also a co-host of The Five, a panel conversation show where guests discuss current events, political concerns, and pop culture.

Dana Perino’s Book Club, her Fox Nation show, has played a key part in making Fox News Channel a top-rated network for discussing and debunking politics and current affairs.

5. Gerri Willis

Gerri Willis is a Fox Business Network anchor and personal finance reporter. She has substantial financial industry experience and was awarded the Excellence in Retirement Savings Reporting award in 2001. Willis is also the author of The Smart Money Guide to Real Estate Investing and Home Rich, two business publications.

Her financial reporting is worth watching because she focuses on saving money and the economy’s impact on personal finances. She is currently on sabbatical while undergoing cancer surgery.

6. Harris Faulkner

On Fox News Channel, Harris Faulkner is an award-winning television host, newscaster, and anchor. She presently hosts The Faulkner Focus and Outnumbered, two weekday daytime shows on the network. She is also a co-anchor and has hosted America Together: The Shot and America Copes Together with Harris Faulkner.

Faulkner, who joined FNC in 2007, is one of the network’s most seasoned anchors. Unlike the majority of her peers, Faulkner has won numerous prizes, including four regional Emmy Awards in a row for Best Anchor. Her humanitarian endeavors also earned her the Amelia Earhart Pioneering Lifetime Achievement Award.

7. Jennifer Griffin

Jennifer Griffin is one of Fox News Channel’s top female correspondents. She joined the network as a Jerusalem correspondent in 1999. She was later promoted to Fox News’ National Security Correspondent, stationed in Washington, D.C.

Griffin has covered a wide range of topics for the network, including the departure of US forces from Afghanistan, which he continues to do. She has interviewed key government leaders interested in securing America, its interests, and allies during her time at FNC, but her focus has been on security issues.

8. Julie Banderas

Julie Banderas is a New York-based anchor for Fox News Channel. She began her career at Fox in 2005 as a general assignment reporter and has since rotated as a weekday anchor. Banderas is also one of the few Emmy Award-winning anchors on FNC.

Her coverage of the Republican National Convention earned her an Emmy Award for Outstanding Single Newscast in 2004. The anchor is one to keep an eye on because she has never been shy about airing her views.

9. Laura Ingraham

Laura Ingraham is a Fox News Channel talk show host. Every weeknight, she anchors her show, The Ingraham Angle, which airs on the network. Ingraham joined Fox as a contributor in 2007. Because of the way she questions decision-makers in Washington, she has risen to the top of the Fox News female host list throughout that time. Ingraham also utilizes her platform to emphasize the significance of faith in America and to share stories that demonstrate the American spirit.

10. Lauren Simonetti

Lauren Simonetti is one of Fox News’s brunette female anchors. Simonetti began working for Fox Business Network in 2007 as a field producer before becoming a reporter in September 2011. She is also a co-anchor on Fox’s FNB: AM program, which airs every weekday on the network. Because she covers economic events and financial problems, the anchor is one to keep an eye on.

11. Liz Claman

Liz Claman became an anchor for the Fox Business Network in 2007. Every weekday, she hosts a program on the network called The Claman Countdown. Claman utilizes the show to cover Wall Street in greater depth.

It examines the markets as they enter the final 30 minutes of trading, as well as the numerous stocks that are trading late in the day. She interviews important figures in the financial sector, including Treasury Secretaries, CEOs, and business executives, in addition to reporting on Wall Street.

12. Maria Bartiromo

Maria Bartiromo is one of Fox News’ leading female news anchors. She started as a Global Markets Editor at Fox Business Network in 2014. After then, Bartiromo became the host of the network’s Mornings with Maria show. She is currently the host of Sunday Morning Futures, one of cable TV’s and Fox News Channel’s most-watched Sunday morning shows. She was named one of the 50 Faces That Shaped the Decade by the Financial Times in 2009.

13. Martha MacCallum

Martha MacCallum is one of Fox News’ most popular female anchors. She is the executive editor and anchor of The Story with Martha MacCallum, which airs every weekday. In 2004, MacCallum joined Fox News Channel. The news anchor concentrates her reporting on the most important headlines for Americans. She also interviews newsmakers and analysts to get their take on the country’s current political developments.

14. Sandra Smith

Sandra Smith began her career as a correspondent for Fox Business Network in 2007. She is currently a co-anchor on Fox News Channel’s America Reports. Smith collaborates with other journalists and specialists to discuss the latest news and concerns. She has also been on FNC on a variety of shows, including Outnumbered, The Story with Martha MacCallum, and America’s Newsroom.

15. Shannon Bream

Shannon Bream began her career as a Washington, DC correspondent for Fox News Channel in 2007. Her first assignment was to cover the Supreme Court, but she was eventually promoted to news anchor. Bream is currently the host of the Fox News @ Night with Shannon Bream program. Shannon Bream is Fox News’ Chief Legal Correspondent and presents the Livin’ the Bream program on Fox News Radio. The anchor is one to keep an eye on this year, owing to her experience as a lawyer and comprehensive coverage of all things legal.

Female Fox News anchors are an unmistakable presence in the digital age, influencing the views of millions of Americans. Martha MacCallum, Shannon Bream, Sandra Smith, Liz Claman, Dana Perino, and Harris Faulkner are among Fox News’ top female journalists. The anchors have become significant voices on cable television thanks to their training and talents in delivering the news.

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