My Virtual Child Answers: 18 years

My Virtual Child Answers: 18 years

At 18 years old:

1) Describe some specific ways in which your child developed that seemed to be influenced by factors beyond your control, such as genes, random environmental events, or the general influence of contemporary middle-class American culture.

Mary was drunk several times after partying, which was influenced by external factors, in this case her peers and friends. I think Mary is also extraordinarily social. Of course, she has always encouraged interaction with others, but Marie seems to be a social and friendly person by nature. I think the general influences of contemporary middle-class American culture are: 1) Mary always wanted different clothes. It was important for her to look fashionable to match her peers. 2) She also had concerns about her appearance when she was physically mature. Therefore, she had a specific perception of what culture/society finds attractive/beautiful.

My Virtual Child Answers: 18 years

2) As the program ends, what paths does your child seem to be on in terms of his physical, cognitive, social, emotional and moral development. To what extent could you anticipate these pathways based on what you know about your child’s early development? What feelings would you feel if this was your real child? Describe specific ways in which you believe your parenting style has had a positive and negative impact on your child’s development. If you could make changes in your breeding style, what would they be and why would you make those changes?

Marie has a very good motivation in all areas of development. When she watched Mary grow, she encouraged her to grow in the areas in which she was interested, and at the same time suggested activities that might develop her interest or passion. From a young age, Marie was actively growing in all aspects of development. As a little girl, she would read, play with her peers, solve puzzles, play catch and other sports. Mary and I also talked about different topics in ethics – how to treat and respect others, and discussed the laws of society and human rights. I could have foreseen what Mary would be, for my manner of upbringing remained the same from childhood to adulthood, and her temperament and character did not seem to change much. If Mary was a real child, I would be glad that she is healthy. She practiced authoritative parenting, and I believe it positively affected Mary. I was a very responsive father to Mary, aware of her needs, and very involved in her life. When she was feeling down or needed help managing her time, I would reach out to her to encourage her to open up when she was depressed or stressed. I will work with her to create better study methods. I also placed limits on Mary to obey her. All these restrictions were necessary for Mary to be a responsible person. I wouldn’t let her come at night, or let her drink at parties. I will not make any changes to my style of education.

3) Think about your own life from your early memories of your childhood to the present day. Using the material you learned in this class and your experiences with being a virtual parent, discuss two aspects of your development: social/emotional, cognitive, physical or your personality/mood. How did this course and the MVC program help you better understand yourself? How do you think you will continue to grow and develop?

a) Cognitive – from a young age we will see that I learned about languages. My grandmother used to read to me a lot, and we read a lot when I was old enough to read. I grew up learning Russian as well (my second language), which greatly affected my understanding of the language. I’ve always loved to read and write, too. I also successfully mastered English when I moved to the United States a few years ago. My cognitive skills were greatly affected by the many conversations I would have with family members, relatives, and peers. I was a good student and had good academic achievement. I was equally good in all subjects.

b) Social/Emotional – I wasn’t very close to my parents. My grandparents and my aunt had a very big influence on my emotional development. I have been very attached to them and have always been really comfortable sharing my thoughts, desires and hopes with them because we have such a strong bond. They were more understanding, loving and affirming than my parents. I only had a few close friends growing up. I loved playing with the other kids, but wasn’t terribly social.

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