“South Africa is developed because of foreigners, they do better than South Africans”

“South Africa is developed because of foreigners, they do better than South Africans” | There is a deliberate misunderstanding in South Africa where hatred and fear towards foreigners are associated with challenging social and economic conditions.

The beneficiaries of this exodus are also the sources of frustration and the real cause of the poor skills among the poor. Also, this is why foreigners not only outnumber the blacks and the poor in South Africa, but also stress them in those sectors where the locals used to dominate.

“South Africa is developed because of foreigners, they do better than South Africans”

The public is well aware that no political statement was made before the election “We promise you high unemployment but low-result jobs are pending”.

And besides, where have you ever seen drooping fruit in Soweto and Alexandra? When people move from these towns to clean up Johannesburg’s central business district, do they have title deeds as city residents?

If we look at the word xenophobia, it refers to the hatred and fear of foreigners. In our case as South Africans, the being is really black-skinned strangers.

This is because the spatial planning of small spaces and agglomerations has been expanded and aggravated under a black-dominated democratic government.

So, xenophobic beliefs and actions are essentially the implementation of the laws of control of the flow, or the psychologically ingrained law of group areas of apartheid, as well as tribalism, a longing for political interest.

It is the perfect excuse for political activism and the practice of apartheid-style anarchy, heard by the hordes of unemployed and frustrated young and old, comrades remembering it every day.

In any settlement, one may ask, how many spaza shops were there in a particular town before the existence of foreign-owned spas. One can easily find that the number of locally owned stores is much lower than it is today, even in places where doing business does not make sense for the locals.

Foreigners offered a better and more effective strategy in places where the locals failed and did not have the support of their fellow citizens.

For starters, foreigners first brought in old shipping containers, rather than building stores, as well as increasing working hours.

These containers and home stores introduced a new security feature and survived places where high crime levels from local South Africans brought many businesses to a standstill.

Finally, foreigners came as a unified business group that buys in bulk, while tribalism makes it impossible for locals to work together.

It is not about the foreigners taking a lot of the big pie for South African jobs that is the cause of xenophobia but because of the structure or structure of the apartheid era or social planning system as the only social and economic reality that is the source. Problems and cause fear and hatred towards strangers of similar or darker appearance.

“South Africa is developed because of foreigners, they do better than South Africans”

Adding to the fear, spiritual phobia and hatred among the locals is the frightening visual communication through African-made films and news reports mainly on themes of witchcraft and poverty, which are misinterpreted as they cannot be better than us.

If the argument is that other countries in Africa have also reserved certain jobs for locals or have strict immigration policies, are they also claiming to have Nobel Peace Prize-winning global symbols and the best constitution on earth where the land belongs to all who live in it, and where everyone he’s welcome?

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