TSC Number in Kenya in 2021/2022: How to Apply For

TSC Number in Kenya in 2021/2022: How to Apply For

TSC Number Registration Request – How to Register:

The process of applying for a TSC number is simple and straightforward. Section 237 of the Teachers Service Commission Act 2012 requires the Commission to register all qualified teachers prior to teaching in any private or public school in Kenya. If you meet all the registration requirements, you will receive a registration certificate containing the TSC number within 30 days of filing. The names of all registered teachers are published annually. TSC number registration request.

TSC Number Application Requirements

Here are some of the basic details that you need to check before you start your application for a TSC number in the TSC number application platform;

  • Certified copies of academic and professional certificates
  • National identity card
  • Bank voucher (slip)
  • Passport size photos
  • KRA . Pin
  • GP69 shape
  • Good conduct certificate
  • Entry and work permits for non-Kenyans.

Once you have these documents, scan their original copies and upload them to the TSC Number Application website online. You will also need to set KES. 1,055 through direct or indirect banking. KES. 1000 is a non-refundable registration and KES fee. 55 is the bank’s commission on TSC. Make sure you have a bank deposit certificate before proceeding with the order.

If you request a copy copy, set a non-refundable KES fee. 2055 for TSC Registration Account of Kenya National Bank Direct Banking A / C No. 01001005707400.

As mentioned above, a request for a TSC number requires you to have all the required documents and funds. TSC number registration in Kenya attracts a response within 30 days after submitting the TSC Number Application Form.

Possible reasons for registration failure

Your TSC number application in Kenya is denied in some cases, forcing you to look closely at the following major reasons for failure;

  • Lack of appropriate academic and professional qualifications
  • Misconduct and disputes related to past offenses including sexual misconduct or any other offense against the student
  • Initial criminal record disqualifying that person from being a teacher
  • 1 If the applicant engages in activities that affect peace, stability and good governance
  • If the applicant finds a physical or mental limitation that makes them unable to fulfill the responsibilities of a teacher.

If you do not have any of the above conditions, feel free to hit the submit button and wait for your new TSC number to be assigned.

Also note that all sections of the registration application must be filled out. To do this, fill in all the required information and note that intentionally giving false details is a criminal offense. If convicted, you will be required to pay fines of up to KES. 100,000 or face imprisonment of 12 months or both as per Section 44 of TSC Law No. 20 of 2012.

Note that since the emergence of the online TSC number application system, TSC does not accept any paper application which means that all applications must be submitted online. Therefore, you need to make sure that you can access a strong Wi-Fi signal or visit an Internet cafe to place your order without any form of interruption. Remember that TSC number application status is done online only.

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