Manage Events in Mac’s iPhoto ’11

Manage Events in Mac’s iPhoto ’11 | All photos taken on a particular day are grouped into an event on your Mac. The assumption is that you took a bunch of photos during a kids soccer match, a birthday party, or some other activity.
The smart people at Apple understand that, of course, life doesn’t always work that way. Maybe you attended the football game in the afternoon and the Christmas party in the evening. You are now talking about two events. You can easily split an event into two – or, for that matter, combine events that span more than a day (such as the reunion weekend).

Manage Events in Mac’s iPhoto ’11

By default, events are automatically split into 1 event per day. In iPhoto preferences (on the General tab), you can change this to one event per week. Or choose to go with two-hour or eight-hour gaps when splitting an event automatically.

Skimming events

It’s great if all the photos attached to one event are organized into one collection. But if you’re less happy, a single event may be attached to dozens, if not hundreds, of photos. A very cool feature of skimming helps you to find the photos you want among others in the selected pile of events.
All images collected in an event are represented by a single image placed on top of an interactive thumbnail. Events are categorized by the name you assigned them to or by date. You can display images in each event stack in two ways:

  • Drag your mouse over the thumbnail, and see how quickly you can browse through all the essential images. No need to click. Stop moving your mouse when you land on the image you’re looking for.


  • To view all the images that make up an event, double-click on the thumbnail. Click the All events button to return to the previous view.

To change the thumbnail at the top of the event stack, navigate to the image you want to use, and press the spacebar. When you move the mouse away, that particular image appears at the top.
As with the photo view, you can drag the zoom bar in the lower left corner of the iPhoto window in any direction to see thumbnails of events grow or shrink.

Split events
To split an event, follow these steps:
1 Double-click the event you want to split.
Show all photos of this event.
2. Highlight the image that starts the new event, and choose Events → Split event.

3. Double-click an untitled event, and type a name.
4. Click the All Events button in the upper left corner to return to the main Events view.
5. Click on the title under the newly split event, and type in a new name.
If the photos you want in your new event are not adjacent to each other, press cmd and click on the photos you want to include.
Merging events

Here’s how to combine events:
1. Drag one thumbnail over the other and click Merge when the dialog box appears.
2. Head to the newly merged event in the display area.
3. Click on the event name (at this point, perhaps an untitled event), and type a new name over it.

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