Jeshi la Ulinzi la Wananchi wa Tanzania(JWTZ)

Jeshi la Ulinzi la Wananchi wa Tanzania(JWTZ): The Tanzania Peoples’ Defence Force
The Tanzania Peoples’ Defence Force was created in September 1964. From its inception, it was ingrained in the troops that they were a people’s force under civilian control. They were always reminded of their difference from the colonial armed forces. They were given a very clear mission, to defend Tanzania and everything Tanzanian, especially the people and their political ideology. Intensive efforts were made at indoctrination, with almost a quarter of training time reserved for politics. As a result, not only the commanders but all the troops knew exactly where they stood in relation to the party, the government and the people.

Jeshi la Ulinzi la Wananchi wa Tanzania(JWTZ)

The president was the executive, as well as the party chairperson, the spokesperson of the nation’s policies and political philosophy and the commander-in-chief of the armed forces. The TPDF as an institution knew that they owed their existence to the president, the government and the party. In addition, the appointments of the chief of the defense force down to battalion commanders were either directly made by the president or his personal approval was required.
The social mix of the TPDF played an important role in relations within the military and between the military and civil society. It has already been mentioned that the soldiers came from various tribes. They also came from all strata of society. Officers were selected after a general recruitment and not from special groups, and commissioned appointment depended on individual performance. This section provides information on the TPDF, its structure, history, mission and role. For more information visit the TPDF website.

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